Washington Heights

Continuing this blog’s tour of NYC:  A couple of pivotal scenes in SKIN OF THE WOLF take place in a bar, the Stonehenge, in Washington Heights.  We won’t tell you where, exactly, the model for that bar is located — not fair, since they didn’t know we were there doing research — but we thought you’d enjoy some images of this under-known neighborhood.  Where, incidentally,  SJ’s father grew up.  Particularly interesting is Audubon Terrace.  This grand — okay, grandiose — arrangement of classical-style buildings was developed by Archer Huntington on the theory that Manhattan’s residential and cultural centers of gravity would keep moving north, as had happened before.  He didn’t count on the bedrock of midtown and he didn’t count on steel.  NYC went up instead of out and Audubon Terrace was left high and dry.










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