Union Square

Union Square gets only a brief mention in SKIN OF THE WOLF, but it has a storied history.  Though named for neither the North side in Civil War nor the labor union movement, it was the site of actions important to both.  After Fort Sumter fell to the Confederacy in 1861 a giant pro-Union rally was held there; and Union Square was the site of the first Labor Day parade, in 1882.  It’s also the site of the first Greenmarket in NYC, the first organized outdoor Holiday Market in NYC, and was the first place SJ ever saw a red-tailed hawk.  It was sitting on the head of the statue of George Washington, looking for something to swoop on.


Photo: Beyond My Ken

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  1. tim in seattle says:

    Thanks for that. I would have bet money on name being for the northern usurpers in the war between the states.

    • SJ Sam says:

      You are such a fraud, Tim (now) in Seattle (but from Texas). If you really considered the northerners usurpers you’ve have called it “The War of Northern Aggression.” Your true leftists colors are showing, bro.

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