Down by the River

A mansion in Riverdale is the setting for some major scenes in SKIN OF THE WOLF.  (But then, would we admit there are minor scenes?)  When SJ was growing up in Riverdale the neighborhood had various sections, as neighborhoods will.  The area on the west side of the Henry Hudson Parkway was always referred to as “down by the river.” (“Where do they live?” “Down by the river.”)  The translation, then and now, was: among the big fancy old-money estates.  The William E. Dodge House, now a conference center, was one of those.  Little-known is the fact that Mr. Dodge was the model for old Mr. Lodge, Veronica Lodge’s father in the Archie comics, and that the Riverdale of those comics is, in fact, this very Riverdale.

Another jewel down by the river is Wave Hill.  This large, fenced estate has two houses on the property; one was used for guests.  It’s now a public garden and arts center, given to the City of New York by its former owners.  We here at Sam Cabot Central would not want anyone to get the idea that the main house at Wave Hill was in any way the model for the house of SKIN OF THE WOLF’s reclusive art collector, Bradford Lane.  Banish that idea from your suspicious minds.



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