Native American Music

A few days ago I blogged on the Thunderbird Dancers.  Dancers, of course, usually dance to music.  Music’s an integral part of Native American culture.  The point I made in that post, that Native American culture isn’t a museum relic, but a living, changing thing, is true of the music as well, as you’d expect.  There are traditional songs and dances, and new ones being made every day.  One of the best sources of today’s music is a program out of the University of New Mexico, KUNM’s “The Singing Wire.”  They play a mix of old and new.  Give it a listen.



On the subjects of tradition and change, as well as the vast variety of Native cultures, anyone who doesn’t know the Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq needs to sit back and check this out right now.  Go to “Visuals” and click on the first video link, “Tanya Tagaq in Puebla Mexico.”  If you have never heard her, you have never heard anything like this.


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