Da Bronnix

You say it that way if you’re from there.  The rest of you say “The Bronx.”  It’s the only borough of New York City on the mainland of North America.  I — the SJ half of Sam Cabot — was born and brought up there.  In fact, I edited the BRONX NOIR volume of Akashic Book’s “Noir” series.  Three different parts of Da Bronnix are settings for action in SKIN OF THE WOLF.  One, Fordham U, has already had its own blog.  Another one will, a little later in this series.  The third is represented in the upper of these two photos, both taken by a terrific photographer and fellow Bronx native — though we didn’t know each other growing up — Ira Wagner.  The second of Ira’s photos here is also of a place in the Bronx, a skating rink at the edge of Van Cortland Park.  Both photos are in his book, “Superior Apartments.”  Check it out.



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