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Werewolf Books II

Aaron Bennett maintains a list of werewolf books on  You can find the list here.  The #1 book on the list is THE WEREWOLF BOOK:  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SHAPE-SHIFTING BEINGS by Brad Steiger.  Perhaps a future edition will include Sam Cabot’s contribution to the genre, SKIN OF THE WOLF.



Werewolf Books

Although SKIN OF THE WOLF isn’t exactly a “werewolf book,” it should appeal to anyone interested in shapeshifting or people who have the ability to turn into wolves (and other animals).  Adam Lipkin wrote a very nice consideration of the best werewolf books, both fiction and nonfiction, for the Bookslut blog.  You can read it here.

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John and Sebastian Cabot: Father and Son Explorers

The Catholic Encyclopedia entry for the father and son explorers, John and Sebastian Cabot, can be found here.  Note the striking family resemblance between father and son, even in beard grooming, hat, and coat preferences.  One of the characters in Sam Cabot’s SKIN OF THE WOLF hitched a ride to Newfoundland with John Cabot in 1498.

John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto)
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto)
Sebastian Cabot
Sebastian Cabot

John Cabot’s ship: The Matthew

Giovanni Antonio di Carbonariis, one of the characters in SKIN OF THE WOLF, sailed with John Cabot to North American aboard Cabot’s ship The Matthew, a replica of which can be found in the harbor of Bristol, England.  The website for the replica ship can be found here and the Wikipedia entry on the ship can be found here.

John Cabot's The Matthew
John Cabot’s The Matthew

Giovanni Antonio de Carbonariis and John Cabot

One of the characters in Sam Cabot’s SKIN OF THE WOLF, Giovanni Antonio de Carbonariis, was part of the 1498 voyage of John Cabot to North America.  The University of Bristol is the home of The Cabot Project, a comprehensive international effort to document the Cabot’s voyages.  You can find the project website here.  And you can learn much more about Giovanni Antonio de Carbonariis here.

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Did you know that John Cabot’s actual name was Giovanni Caboto (and that he was Italian)?

A scholarly article published in 2012 supports the claim that Italian merchants actually financed some of the first British expeditions to America, including those by John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto).  You can read about the new evidence here.  John Cabot “discovered” what we now know as Newfoundland and thereby claimed Canada for England.  As we hope interestingly, John Cabot’s voyage to North American plays an important part in the life of one of the characters in SKIN OF THE WOLF.

John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto)

You can also learn more about John Cabot here.

Also, perhaps interestingly, one half of Sam Cabot (namely Carlos Dews) is chairperson of the Department of English Language and Literature at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.